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Currently Offering:

After School Program (Grades 1 - 8) - WAITLIST ONLY 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR

This program is outdoor focused and encourages physical activity, teaches good nutrition, sports and cooperative games. Leadership opportunities are available for program youth who are in grades 6-8. Healthy snacks are provided. This program is facilitated by qualified and trained staff. It is available for students who live within the Fiddlesticks catchment area or attend one of our 4 local elementary schools (St. Margaret’s, Clemens Mill, St. Teresa, Saginaw Public). Staff will arrange meeting spots at Clemens Mills and/or St Margaret’s and will assist with safe arrival to our After School Program site. St Teresa and Saginaw PS are required to find their own transportation to Fiddlesticks. This program requires registration.  Funding for this program is generously provided by the Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.  The Ministry funding model is based on attendance records that we are required to report. If a participant has 3 unexplained absences, Fiddlesticks reserves the right to withdraw the child/youth from program.

BPSA Scouting (Ages 5 - 14+) - REGISTRATION ONGOING 
SA Scouting uses outdoor recreation to promote strong values, build self-confidence, and promote healthy, active living, developing the next generation of leaders.  We have programs for young people ages 5 and up.


Age 5-7: Otter Raft *FULL - WAITLIST ONLY

Your child will learn about cooperation and getting along with others through non-competitive games, crafts, music, campfires and outdoor activities including camping and nature walks.

Age 8-10: Timberwolf Pack *FULL - WAITLIST ONLY

 In this program based on The Wolf Cub’s Handbook, your child will participate in outdoor activities, archery, camping, crafts, games, stories, campfires, earning badges, and other activities which will build their confidence and satisfy their curiosity and need for adventure.

 Age 11-14: Explorer Troop

Your child will continue to build confidence and skills through outdoor adventures including camping, bike trips, hiking, archery, first aid, cooking, and canoeing.  As part of a small group, your child will learn leadership and teamwork skills, and how to take more responsibility for themselves.

Age 15+: Sr Explorers/Rover Crew (meets at 71 Cowan) 

Members of the crew organize their own adventurous outdoor activities under the guidance of adult Advisers, developing leadership and teamwork skills.

Registration is required for this program.  For further information, please go to

Cambridge Girls’ Choir (Ages 8 -18)- REGISTRATION ONGOING
Looking for something fun and rewarding for your child? Cambridge Girls' Choir offers a safe, positive environment for your 8-18 year old girl! You'll enjoy friendship and fun with girls who love music and will be part of exciting events all year, including: Concerts; Music festivals; Special Christmas events and much more

Of course, we don't just sing together. We also have tons of fun doing other things like: Skating night; Rock climbing; Bowling night; Team BBQ; Christmas caroling and much more


The Cambridge Girls’ Choir is program of the Fiddlesticks Community Centre! Join choir director, Jessica Strub (, to learn all about music and singing as a group. Registration is required.

Caregivers and Tots (0yrs - 5yrs) - Looking for interest

Come out and join us at our new Family Playgroup! Little ones will have the opportunity to socialize and learn with other children, while parents will be able to meet other parents, make friendships and share parenting tips. Caregivers and Tots is a place for friendship, community, support and growth. Fresh Coffee is always available. 

Dodgeball Youth Drop In (Grades 4-8)

Love to play dodgeball? Here’s your chance! We play all different types of dodge ball including elimination, official, scatter ball, terminator and king’s court. Come out to duck, dive and dodge! This program takes place at Clemens Mill Public School on Mondays from 6:30-8:30 (grades 4-8). Cost: $1.00/ participant.​

FYRE Committee (Ages 12 - 18) - Starts Wed September 20th
Are you interested in having your say? Planning events for you and your friends….like dances, coffee houses and jam sessions? Come out and join the FYRE (Fiddlesticks Youth Recreation Enthusiasts) Committee. It’s a great way to get involved in your neighbourhood and to complete your community service hours for school.

[lead] Course (Ages 12 - 16)
Develop your leadership skills during this 12-module certification program! [LEAD] (Leadership Excellence Asset Development) training is a great to have if you’re looking to land that perfect part-time job or a spot-on student council! [LEAD] is a requirement for Fiddlesticks Summer Camp Volunteers. This program is facilitated by Fiddlesticks staff. [lead] is offered as a weekend course or a week-long overnight camp in the summer.

[LEAD] Curriculum

·      Module 1 – Leadership Part A

·      Module 2 – Communication

·      Module 3 – Teamwork

·      Module 4 – Self Awareness

·      Module 5 – Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving

·      Module 6 – Leadership Part B

·      Module 7 – Working with People

·      Module 8 – Program Planning

·      Module 9 – Safety and Risk Management

·      Module 10 – Knowing your Community

·      Module 11 – Environment & You

·      Module 12 – Practicum

March Break Camp (Grades 1 - 8) 

Looking for somewhere to send your kids during March Break while you are at work? Make sure you sign them up for our March Break program! Spaces are limited. The week will include games, crafts, activities, plus a trip day! March Break Camp is $120 for the week per participant. Morning and Afternoon Extended Care are extra. Camp runs 9:15-3:15 each day. 

Line Dance (All ages & levels) - REGISTRATION ONGOING

Do you enjoy dancing? Check out our Line Dance program! It is a fun and easy way to work out! It is NOT just your average Country Line Dance. This program takes place at Saginaw Public School on Thursday nights from 6:30-7:30pm.

Swing by the office to register. 

Sports of All Sorts (Grades 1 - 3 & Grade 4-8)

This program is focuses on all sorts of sports. This is a drop in program! Every week we try something new! Volleyball, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, you name it. We're playing it! This program takes place at St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Elementary School on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:00 (grades 1-3) & 7:00-8:00 (grades 4-8). Cost: $1.00/ participant.

PD Day Camp (Grades 1 – 8)

Outdoor play is scheduled each day and may include offsite adventures like going to local parks and community attractions. PD Day Camp runs from 8:30am – 5:30 pm. Participants partake in active indoor/outdoor games, group and individual play time, and other fun activities. 


Pre-Kindy Programs (Newborn - 5 Years) - REGISTRATION ONGOING

Our various programs primary purposes are to promote recreational, artistic, musical, academic and socialization skills.  

We are not a provincially licensed daycare program. All recreational Pre-Kindy programs give children the opportunity to develop social skills, follow routines, share with others and learn how to separate from caregivers. These are important skills to learn prior to entering school. For information regarding our Little Steamers & Wee Little Learners (ages 30months - 5 years) and Kindergarten Ready (Ages 3 years - 5 years)

Please click Here

Family Yoga 

Join Atlas Yoga teachers in this exciting child-friendly introduction to yoga and meditation. Appropriate for all members of your family; start by building poses together with your spose, child, sibling or whichever family member you bring with you, then ease into some relaxation and rest.

Generously funded by the Lakshay Foundation.

Intro to Yoga (16+) 

Join Atlas Yoga teachers for a thorough yet relaxed and easy-paced introduction to the principles, the postures and the spirit of yoga practice. Help ease the intimidation that can come with starting a new activity like yoga. You will be introduced to yoga postures, gentle breathing exercises, meditation and body awareness as you gradually work towards practicing in a full yoga class.

Generously funded by the Lakshay Foundation.

Youth Recreational Drop In Volleyball (Grades 6-12)

Love to play volleyball? Here’s your chance! This is a drop-in volleyball program and the perfect opportunity o come out and play volleyball with your friends. This program takes place at Clemens Mill Public School on Mondays from 6:30-7:30(grades 6-8) and from 7:30-8:30 (grades 9-12). Cost: $1.00/ participant.​

Past Favourites:


Fiddlesticks is committed to providing inclusive and accessible recreation for all. As we head into a new year of possibilities, we intend to return to a busy schedule of programs for all. Below is a list of the programs that we were able to offer prior to 2020 closures, take a look and let us know what programs you hope to see back in action!

Girls Club/Guys Night Drop In (Grades 4+) - CURRENTLY ON HOLD

Come join the fun and make new friends at our youth drop in night! We play some awesome games, make some cool crafts, and don't worry there is always a snack! This is a drop-in program, meaning there is no need to register. Program runs at Fiddlesticks on Thursday nights from 6-8pm. The cost per child per drop in is $1

Kids in the Kitchen (Grades 4 - 7) - CURRENTLY ON HOLD

Join us in the Fiddlesticks kitchen as we make and enjoy some delicious recipes! This is a registered program with limited spots, please register in advance at the office!

Krafty Kids (Grades 3 - 6) - CURRENTLY ON HOLD

Come out and get Krafty with us! Join us in making a variety of fun crafts every week. This is a registered program with limited spots, please register in advance at the office! 

Karate Beginner (Ages 7+) - CURRENTLY ON HOLD
We practice traditional Shorinji Ryu Karate. This will improve fitness, flexibility, co-ordination, strength and concentration levels. The self defense aspects of traditional karate are developed in step with the students experience level and is practiced under the guidance of a black belt instructor with over thirty years of experience. This includes empty hand and kubudo (traditional weapons) training.

The program we offer is suitable for students whose ages 7 and up. Regular testing of the students’ progress is carried out throughout the year and will enable students to earn their different coloured belts. Registration is required for this program.

Karate Yellow Belt + (Ages 10+) - CURRENTLY ON HOLD
An advanced Shorinji Ryu karate program for those who have earned their yellow belt or beyond. Registration is required for this program.

Meditation (Ages 14+) - CURRENTLY ON HOLD
Unplug from the stress of the world for a couple hours with our meditation program.  Learn all about “Self-Empowerment” and “Self-Management”.  From our 10-week course, you will achieve an understanding of yourself and your personality, the discovery of your innate qualities, a recognition of your path in life with the ability to focus your efforts, enhancing and enriching relationships in life, and much more!


TaiChi (Ages 18+) - CURRENTLY ON HOLD

Tai Chi is a gentle system of body movements often known as “moving meditation.” Tai Chi can help improve balance, reduce stress, heighten focus, increase mobility, and much more. 

Yoga Morning (Ages 18+) - CURRENTLY ON HOLD
Another opportunity for rest, relaxation and gentle exercise. Yoga is a way to exercise our bodies, our breath, and our minds all at the same time. Yoga is a very ancient science that helps us to develop flexibility and strength in our bodies. Darrell our yoga instructor has been teaching yoga with Fiddlesticks for over 15 years and welcomes both beginners to the more experienced participants. Registration is required and spots are limited.


See a program you would be interested in? Let us know!

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