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S U M M E R  P R O G R A M   F A Q

How much are our Summer Programs? 

Our Summer Young Children’s Program is $30 or $45 depending on which program you choose. Our Summer Camps are $135/week. Extended care is an additional charge.


What does a typical Summer Camp Day look like? 

While every day of camp looks different, we try to keep the daily routine as consistent as possible. Between 9am-3pm, the campers do big and small activities such as crafts, games, STEAM activities, our bubble slide, water activities, free time, etc. that are consistent with the weekly theme. These are scheduled before and after each snack and lunch time. 

We have two snack times, one at 10:30am and another at 2:30pm for 15 minutes. Campers eat lunch for 1 hour at 11:45am. 

There are some days when all age groups come together for some bigger activities. Trip days are on Fridays, so Fridays are different from a typical day at camp. 

Are there any trips during the week? 

We try our best to book a theme related trip while at camp! If we are unable to have an offsite trip, we have activities come to camp to do with all the campers . Please note that all trips are subject to change. 


What are the short forms for summer programs offered?

SYCP - Summer Young Children’s Program

SPG - Summer Playground

SAC - Summer Action Camp

YAC - Youth Adventure Camp


What are the summer program ages? 

SYCP: Wee Little Explorers - 30mths-5yrs *must be

30mths by first day of program

SYCP: Ready, Set, Learn - 3-5yrs *must 3 by first day of program

SPG: 4-6 years *must be 4 by first day of camp*

SAC: 7-9 years *must be 7 by Dec 31, 2024

YAC: 10-13 years *must be 10 by Dec 31, 2024


Do you have a waitlist?

Yes we do, please let us know which weeks you are interested in being on the waitlist and if spots come available we will call in order of those who are on the list. 


What are your summer program hours? 

Camp runs from 9am-3:15pm

SYCP runs 9am-11:30am


Do you offer extended care? 

Yes we do. You can choose to have morning care, evening care or both if needed! 

AM Extended care runs from 8:30-9am for $7.50

PM Extended care runs from 3:15-5:30pm for $25

SYCP - We do not at this time


Where are your summer program locations? 

SYCP is located at our Hub location at 57-75 Anglerock Drive

SPG, SAC and YAC are all located at the Fiddlesticks Homestead (71 Cowan Blvd)


How does in person registration work? 

Registration is now back to being in-person, yay! Registration will take place on Saturday February 24, 2024 from 9:30-12pm. You are welcome to wait in line at the homestead. Everyone will be processed by time of arrival. Please note, that weeks are first come first serve. Registration is only open to those who were in our Summer Programs for 2023 and those who live within the Fiddlesticks Catchment. You will gather the necessary paperwork inside, select your weeks and then payment is required at the end to secure your spot.

If you require financial assistance, please contact Kimberly Fowler at

What information do I need to register? 

Please make sure to have the following: 

- Know the weeks and times you wish to register your child

- Have an emergency contact OTHER THAN A PARENT (parents are always called first

- Your child's t-shirt size

- Should your child require support or accommodation due to a disability, additional forms are to be completed upon registration

- Should your child require an EpiPen, additional forms are to be completed upon registration

- We accept cash, cheque, or credit


- There is no camp Monday July 1st and Monday August 5th due to Canada Day & -Civic Holiday long weekend.

- If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact anyone at the office. We are open today 9am-5pm


What boundaries are for the Fiddlesticks Catchment? 

Our boundaries are Franklin Blvd, Townline Rd, Clyde Rd, and Pinebush Rd


Can I register if I live outside the catchment?

Will you open outside the catchment?

When registration opens on February 24th, you are

not able to register outside the catchment just yet. 

We will open to outside the catchment on a later

date if space is available. 


What does my child need to bring to camp? 

Hat, Refillable Water bottle, Change of clothes, Towel,

Spray sunscreen bottle for reapplication, 2 snacks

and 1 lunch (nut-free),  Hand sanitizer, Epi-pen (if required)


What does program ready mean? (listed on back of the SPIAF)

In order to support the success, safety and inclusion of all individuals registered and participating in Fiddlesticks programs, it is important that participants attending these programs are indeed “Program Ready”. To assist in determining if a participant is “Program Ready”, the following criteria have been developed:

Participant is:

  • able to take direction and instruction from a staff person

  • comfortable and able to interact in a group environment

  • able to participate in the program. Participation, interaction, and inclusion into programs are based on a child’s individual needs. However, it is asked that the participant can demonstrate the basic skill and participate in a minimum of 50% of the program.

  • School-aged participants are able to attend school successfully without specialized classroom support

  • Participants interact and participate in the program in a manner that is safe for themselves and others

Do you offer varying rates for multiple children or multiple weeks?

Not at this time 

If you have any other questions in regards to our Summer Programs please call the office Monday - Friday, stop by (71 Cowan Blvd) or email Emily,

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