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The Fiddlesticks Community Centre is a registered charity that is continuously growing and evolving through input from our neighbours.  We are a true community development organization.  We focus on youth leadership development, are volunteer driven, and cost effective.   We strive to foster the development and implementation of programs and events to involve all age ranges, and encourage volunteer participation.  Social interaction through healthy active living really does allow individuals to feel a sense of belonging to their community.  Please contact our office if you are aware of a special circumstance, where we could assist to ensure everyone in our community can feel they are an important part of our Centre.  No child should miss out on a program due to costs.

Fiddlesticks works within the context of Community Development model which means connecting people to one another in their neighbourhood. Our catchment area is bordered by Franklin Blvd, Townline Rd, Clyde Rd, and Pinebush Rd

Our Dream

To create a positive social environment on each street and corner that will evolve into a culture of friendliness despite race or religion.  This deeply embedded culture will continue long after the pioneers have moved on.


Our Objectives

• To act as a catalyst and nurture a sense of community.

• To promote and maintain volunteerism with our association.

Our Mission

Fiddlesticks provides a foundation for quality social and recreational programs to encourage healthy lifestyles, volunteer participation and a sense of involvement with our community.


Our Values

• We believe volunteering is fun

• We believe youth can be our leaders today

• We believe in active community development

• We believe recreation and leisure should be inclusive and          accessible to all

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