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Thank You!

Fiddlesticks would like to say a big THANK YOU to the following people and organizations! 
Please consider these businesses the next time you are looking for these services.

Thank you or supporting Fiddlesticks Community Centre through lottery funds.


For supporting our programs through annual grants.


For your continued support in funding staff positions for our summer camps for the past 15 years! As well as continued COVID-19 relief.

For financial contribution towards yoga and meditation classes.

For continued support in our sustainability throughout the pandemic with unrestricted funds!

For the support through the Community Building Fund grant in the amount of $48,700, to sustain key staff and maintain office infrastructure, to ensure we could offer quality programs and services throughout the pandemic.

Sarah Gowing Photography.png

Thank you for your donation of professional photography services!



For their help with our electrical work.

Phone Number: 519-623-5256


Thank your for your generosity through the Kids to Camp Fund.​  

Your contribution will ensure that no child is left behind!

For your continued support in our After School Program funding and COVID-19 relief.

Thank you for your donation towards our community initiatives!



Thank you for your donation of a Dumpster 

Phone Number: 519-589-8657


For their contribution towards funding for part-time Community Engagement Coordinator staff position.

For the participation and support at our Bike Rodeo.

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