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Volunteer of the Year

Have you been touched by the kindness of an awesome person in your community?

We would love to hear your story!

Email your submissions* to

*Submissions need to include: Nominees name, a brief description of the reason you are nominating and when it happened, your name,  your contact information, and make sure you put “Nominating an awesome neighbour” in the subject line! We look forward to hearing all the fantastic stories.

Awesome Neighbour Winner

Shane Young

Fiddlesticks has the pleasure of nominating the first awesome neighbour. On a regular basis, Shane Young and his dog Bear frequent the park at 71 Cowan. Apparently, on a number of occasions, Bear has come across equipment that has been left out by various Fiddlesticks programs.  Much to our surprise, Shane arrived at the office one morning with three bags of children’s toys, to replace those that Bear had claimed in the evening hours.  Thank you for your honesty and obvious integrity Shane…and for letting us know that we need to be taking better care to retrieve our toys at the end of program!  You are a great example of an awesome neighbour!!

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